About Us

About Us

We are a registered and reputable online jewelry store based in SINGAPORE dealing with AUTHENTIC REAL GENUINE 22k 916 gold.

All our gold jewelries are hallmarked with 916 stamp.



All products are priced in SG$ Singapore Dollar. 


IMPORTANT Message to Buyers:

After your purchase, you can bring the items purchased to any renowned jeweller or your trusted jeweller to check on it's 22k gold purity. Also, u can do acid test to check on its gold purity. If anyone says it's fake, then u need to doubt their knowledge and recheck elsewhere. Please NOTE that we DO NOT sell fake Jewellry and that all items are as described. Please also NOTE that we do not shortchange buyers on gold content and gold weight. All items are weighed 3 times before we establish its exact gold weight. All our gold is hallmarked with 916 by International Standards on Gold Purity.



All the 22k gold in Singapore is hallmarked with 916 stamp for exact accurate gold purity measurement of 91.6% of pure gold. 

916 gold is also known as 22k gold. 916 Hallmark indicates that the gold content in the jewelry has been evaluated and that it adheres to international standards of gold purity.


Definition of 916 gold or 22k Gold

While pure gold is 24 carat (100% pure gold), 916 gold means it is 22k or 22 karat. 

This is 91.6% pure gold and the rest (8.4%) includes other metals. 22 karat gold or 916 gold is used with mixture of other metals to make gold malleable, stronger and durable for daily wear.

Gold in its pure form (24 Karat or 999 gold) is brittle and may not be suitable for making ornaments or jewelry. 



18k gold is 75% gold and 25% other metals. Hallmark 750 or 18K

14k Gold equals 58.3% of gold and the rest other metals.

10k gold equals 41.7% of gold and the rest other metals.


How is gold priced?

Price of the gold ornament is = ( Price of 22K gold / 916 gold * Weight in Grams) + (Wastage charges) + ( Making Charges) ) + Taxes.


So why buy Gold?

Gold is considered as Status Symbol.

Gold is considered an equivalent for liquid cash. It can be converted to cash anytime when an emergency arises

Gold is a very good investment: Gold has consistently increased in value and thereby considered as a safe and secure investment.

Gold Jewelry makes a wonderful GIFT for the loved ones and it lasts forever....

  • Gold will never ever tarnish or fade and will not cause skin irritations.